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Our pigs are grass fed on the natural pastures of Rennsli Farm (no pesticides ever) and fed garden vegetables and Non-GMO grains in moderation. The result is the tenderest, sweetest pork you’ve ever had the pleasure to taste. In mid to late October, we send our animals to an off site USDA certified butcher who processes and packages your meat.  We will email you a cut sheet after you place your deposit ($100) so you can choose how you want your meat cut and packaged.


The hanging weight of our animals ranges from 150 to 200 lbs. You will get back approximately 65% of the hanging weight in meat cuts. When your order is ready, we will email you final costs. You pay the balance of your invoice online and then arrange for pick up at Rennsli Farm (or make arrangements for delivery for an extra fee). We are currently taking orders through June 1, to be filled during the months of November and December. Our goal is to have all orders filled before Thanksgiving. Contact us with questions, we're happy to help!

Whole Pig ($6.99 /lb hanging weight)

Half Pig  ($7.49/lb hanging weight)  

 Stay in Rennsli Cabin for a week end and meet your animal!

rennsli farm pork shares

Smoking (what makes ham and bacon amazing) takes an additional 4-6 weeks after butchering and additional fees apply (usually around $100/whole pig depending on what you want smoked). After we receive your cut sheet, we will provide an estimate of smoking costs.




LOIN - 13 LBS (1 package containing 2 thick pork chops weighs approx. 1 lb)


BOSTON BUTT -  14 LBS (Shoulder roasts, steaks & Boston Butt roasts)


SPARE RIBS - 4 LBS (St Louis Ribs are longer / Baby Back are shorter + use some loin)


SAUSAGE - 9 LBS (From all over the pig)


HAM - 15 LBS (Fresh or Smoked, Whole, Half or Sliced)


BELLY AKA ‘BACON’ - 8 LBS (Fresh or Smoked, Thin or Thick Sliced)


HOCKS - 5 LBS (Great for soups, sauces + stews or can be turned into more bacon)


EXTRAS - 8 LBS (Organs, Ears, Feet, Tongue, Lard, Skin)

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