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Localvores - Day Three


A sad heart, and a refrigerator full of produce, Sean again offered to cook his mystery dinner. When I arrived home from another per diem day, Sean whisked me out of the kitchen while he was prepping and asked Camille to tell me the story of their search for a local snack in the Price Chopper close to her school. Camille has Type 1 Diabetes and is an avid dancer. Periodically, her blood sugar is low after dance class and she needs to consume a glucose source asap. Today, she was approaching a 'low' and super hungry so Sean decided to play it safe and find her something to eat before the drive home. In our localvore quest, we've found that the organic and natural food sections of stores seem to have the most products with local originations. Price Chopper has neither. Camille said that both she and Sean were shocked as they walked down every aisle that there wasn't a single item they could eat. Although she could have bought grapefruit juice (on her list), Camille suggested going to the dairy aisle since she's already learned that local dairy products abound in Vermont. Camille's not a big fan of yogurt and cheese has little carbohydrate, so even here in dairy aisle's local mecca, she thought she would either starve or to have 'cheat' on our project and buy something, anything to consume. Sean and Camille find themselves standing next to each other in front of six-packs of pudding. They grab different brands and look for the address of the manufacturers. Dannon Creamery's Chocolate Pudding is created in White Plains NY. Camille quickly whips out her smart phone and discovers that White Plains, NY is a mere 197 miles from Dover, VT. It's a stretch, but it falls within our guidelines. Smiling, she ate her pudding with pride.

Menu for Day Three:

Tofu & Pulled Pork Wraps

Tofu - Vermont Soy, Hardwich, VT

Pulled Pork - leftovers

Multigrain tortillas - Maria & Ricardo's, Canton, MA

Guacamole - onions, apple cider vinegar, avocadoes (one of Ivy's non-local choices)

Organic Yellow Onions - Morning Kiss Farm in Chelsea, MA

Sour Cream - Cabot Creamery, Cabot VT

Cole Slaw

Cabbage -Harlow Farms, Westminster, VT

Carrots - our root cellar

Slaw Dressing (see recipe)

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